Commercial Terms


For producers

What is the size of the LED set-up?

26.5 x 5m

What is the pixel pitch of the LED screen?


What is the LED model?

AOTO 2.3mm RM series

How many pixels are there per LED tile?

216 x 216 pixels

Can the height of the truss with the LED ceiling be adjusted?

Yes, the truss grid is on motors and can easily be brought down.

What is server solution for Unreal Engine real-time content ?

We mainly use our custom dual-GPU A6000 servers. Alternatively we may use our disguise RX + VX solution.

What is your server solution for plate playback?

disguise VX4’s

Can you do 10-bit HDR?


What does XR stand for?

“Extended Reality”. Correctly speaking it’s the umbrella name for Mixed Reallity, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. However, in “our world” it’s usually referred to a setup allowing for Set Extension, LED floor and AR graphics.

What is Set Extension?

Using AR graphics to “fill in” the outside of the LED screen when the camera is shooting outside the LED.

What is Front Plate and Backplate?

Frontplate = AR (in front of the talent).
Backplate = content on LED and Set Extension.

Do you have an in-house Virtual Production team?

Yes, the volume is fully serviced by our in-house VP and facilities teams.

Do you provide content creation services?

Whilst our staff are trained in unreal engine, we recommend seeking external vendors for content creation (both driving plates and unreal). We are able to recommend vendors for this should you need it.

What are the dimensions of MARS Volume Studio A?

8,000 sq.ft

What are the dimensions of MARS Volume Studio B?

4,000 sq.ft

Do you have parking available on-site?

We do have limited parking onsite. Additional local parking facilities are available for overflow should it be required. Please contact your MARS representative for additional details.

Do you have catering facilities on-site?

We do not have catering facilities at MARS, however you are welcome to outsource catering which can be set up in Studio B, or outside our facility.

Are there green room / dressing room / production office facilities?

These additional facilities can be set up in Studio B, which is a customisable space and can be tailored to your production’s needs.

What is your Wi-Fi capacity?

Answer here.

Do you have studio plans, 3D stage models / objs?

Please find a downloadable pdf. of our Technical Specifications under the ‘Technical’ tab of this website. For stage models/ obj please email contact@marsvolume.com.

How long is your minimum hire of the Volume?

We recommend a minimum hire of 3 days. This allows for pre-light, test and one shoot day.

What hours will we have access to the studio? Can we run into overtime, if necessary?

Our studio’s opening hours are between 9 – 6 PM. However, we know productions can often come with longer hours, so we will endeavour to accommodate your schedule where we can.

Overtime hours will incur an extra fee.

What is the day rate at MARS Volume?

Exact pricing will depend on your project’s requirements. Here are some indicative ballpark ranges:

Plate playback content prices range from from £15-20k per day
Real-time content prices range from £17-22k per day

(Price range depends on ceiling lighting LED configuration)

What are your standard payment terms?

Payment terms are immediate (+0 days). We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure a booking, with 25% due on the first day of the client booking and the remaining 25% on the last day.

Once booked, date changes are not permitted and any subsequent movement will require a new booking and deposit.

How much insurance is required?

We require all clients to have Public Liability Insurance of £10M.