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Why MARS Volume®

Hollywood level expertise, made accessible.

MARS Volume is the perfect Virtual Production (VP) environment providing a full-service boutique solution for both traditional and disruptive content creators, across projects of all sizes and budgets. Combining state-of-the-art video game engines, camera-tracking technology, the most powerful graphics-servers and LED screens we have created a versatile and immersive performance stage that blends the physical and virtual world.

About Bild,

the creators of MARS Volume.

Bild, the creators of MARS Volume, have a reputation for being the ‘watchmakers’ in their field. Their world-class expertise in Unreal Engine, Notch, disguise and specialised industry tools in combination with bespoke engineering for tracking solutions, server hardware, display technologies and AV infrastructure has earned them this prestige position.

Bild Studios blend technology and creative production, specialising in the realisation of complex video installations for live experiences, virtual production for film & broadcast and permanent media installations. Using cutting-edge media technologies, combined with visual design and production management, their work spans the globe. Bild’s projects usually involve extremely large video canvases, often interactive, supported by hundreds of projectors and huge LED screens that require advanced content/VFX pipelines, playback solutions and real-time rendering systems.


Being renowned specialists in large-scale live visual experience and virtual production, they believe that the unique fusion of real-time VFX, virtual production and live event technologies provides a ‘technology sandpit’ that will revolutionise the way the entertainment industry and other creative disciplines develop.

Shot on MARS.

What they say about MARS Volume…

We’ve gone far beyond the old days of the cinema, when you had green
screens and after filming you were able to replace the screen electronically
to make you appear in any landscape you wished. When I walked into that
studio the images were all already there, the back end of the studio was a
forest on fire, and it was very, very impressive too.

Sir David Attenborough, TV Presenter and Broadcaster

This is not the first time I’ve been on a mixed reality stage but
I think MARS Volume is quite interesting because it has a different take.
It’s very much putting quality and cinematography at the forefront
of how the stage functions.
Chris Pearson, Creative Director at The Experience Machine

This is in a completely different league.
For me as a presenter, the thing that is so exciting about it is that …
I can actually interact with the space.
I can see the environment that I am walking through and appearing in.
Dr James Fox, TV Presenter and Broadcaster