Designed for existing film professionals with a desire to upskill and work in Virtual Production, VP101 is our 4 day, intensive training course aimed at providing a broad and general understanding of the Virtual Production (VP) pipeline from render node to screen. Starting with the basics and covering curriculum areas such as: on-set roles and responsibilities, camera tracking, Unreal Engine, and Plate Playback vs Real-time content, VP101 focuses on all technical, logistical and hands-on filming aspects of virtual production filmmaking.

Our comprehensive training provides insight into what it takes to manage a shoot as a Director, Producer, VFX Supervisor or DOP.

Students have the opportunity to learn what a Virtual Production shoot may look like from pre-production to post production, learning through a mix of Volume-based training, classroom learning and guest lectures and workshops from our partners and leading industry professionals such as Epic Games, Lux Machina, and Escape Studios.

At the end of the course, each student has the opportunity to shoot their own film scenes in the Volume, working in groups with an actor, props and environments to practice and utilise the new skills and knowledge learned at MARS Academy.

What Our Students Said

“What I have found the most exciting about the VP101 course was the practical exercises and how insightful they have been. Every day I’ve learned something new that I have found really fascinating.”

“I really enjoyed the possibilities that a Volume can achieve, seeing its strengths and flaws throughout the practical exercises and also how the technology is improving quickly.”

Our next course dates:
20th – 23rd February, 2023
Applications Closed

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Learning virtual production
Students learning how to shoot car scenes with virtual production
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Learning virtual production
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