Aimed at technical professionals across disciplines and backgrounds such as electricians, lighting operators, system engineers, and live events, our 4 day training programme is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Virtual Production, LED screens and the technology that drives them.

Using a mix of hands-on, Volume-based learning, group activities and classroom teaching, students can expect to expand their working knowledge as we cover what it takes to build, manage and maintain LED stages, troubleshoot issues, as well as understand the grounds of processing and colour management. Guest lectures and workshop activities from industry leaders such as Brompton provide students with additional insight to gain a plethora of knowledge from those at the forefront of the industry.

Throughout the course, students have access to our in-house LED Volume and the opportunity to get hands-on experience building and working with our screens and systems at MARS.

What Our Students Said

“The course has given me great on-set experience, I feel like I now have the knowledge and language to problem solve and conduct myself better during a professional shoot when working with LED screens.”

“The highlight of the course for me has been the hands-on building with an actual LED wall. Physically building an LED system from scratch is a really unique experience.”

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