The Space

Our 12,000 sq.ft facility is equipped with 2 units, MARS A and MARS B, as well as parking.
MARS A is 8000 sq.ft with drive-in access and houses our Volume. MARS B is a 4000 sq.ft multi-functional space which can be configured for a production’s specific requirements (e.g. office space, catering, dressing rooms).

MARS Volume Facility Map

Our Volume

Our 220-degree 25.5 x 5m curved LED wall and 176m² lighting LED ceiling provides the most versatile and accessible Virtual Production facility. Through a rigorous programme of R&D and testing, we have designed the right balance of size and pricing with the intention to welcome the widest range of productions to MARS Volume.

Technical Specifications

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In-Camera LED Wall

Screen Dimensions
Pixel Pitch
Contrast Ratio
HDR Compatible

25.5m x 5m

LED Ceiling

Screen Dimensions
Pixel Pitch
Contrast Ratio
HDR Compatible



Brand & Model
Brompton Processing SX40

  • HDR: Precise reproduction of the colours in your content
  • ShutterSync: Automatically adjust the timing of the LED refresh to match your preferred camera setup.
  • Ultra Low Latency: Lowest possible LED system latency

Frame Rate Multiplication: Have multi-camera virtual production setups, with each camera able to see different content when viewing the same LED screen at the same time.


Camera Specifications

We are camera-agnostic at MARS Volume, and encourage clients to use suppliers, camera bodies, and grip equipment that fits their specific project objectives.

Our Recommendations:

  • Sony Venice
  • ARRI Amira

Camera Tracking

Our in-house stYpe camera tracking solutions; RedSpy and Spyder, provide industry-leading level of accuracy camera tracking – applicable for the widest range of real-time based virtual productions.

Our solutions

  • stYpe RedSpy
  • stYpe Spyder


Real-time Render Node Specifications

  • Custom Servers running Unreal Engine with N-Display
  • HDR // 10 Bit pipeline
  • Latest dual GPU technology, facilitating the highest quality real time rendering.

Plate Playback Server Specifications

  • Disguise Media Servers
  • HDR // 10 Bit pipeline
  • Support for up to 16k plates