This training programme is designed to equip VFX practitioners with the knowledge to undertake virtual production shoots confidently. With the aim to provide experienced asset and environment artists working with Unreal Engine the opportunity to explore how their knowledge and expertise transfers to the world of Virtual Production, students will gain a strong understanding of the key considerations required when working for a Virtual Production and the VFX industry.

Covering the technical aspects of working with LED screens, our curriculum covers how Unreal Engine can be used to produce real-time content for Virtual Production shoots, and students will also learn about the logistics of content creation workflows. Using both classroom learning and practical, hands-on experience working within an LED Volume, students have access to industry standard control, display and tracking equipment. Guest lectures from our industry partners such as Epic Games and Escape Studios provide further insight into on-set etiquette as a VFX artist working on a Virtual Production shoot.

Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to create their own scenes and experience shooting against them with the help of our in-house VP and VFX experts at MARS Volume. Students are encouraged to build on their creativity and lean on their new knowledge to produce scenes that will come to life on camera.

What Our Students Said

“I have enjoyed every single second of every single session! The tutors are at the top of their game and it shows which was definitely the highlight of my time studying the VFX Course at MARS Academy.”

“I found learning about the technical elements of VFX for Virtual Production really interesting and important, it gave the parameters to be creative within when producing content for Virtual Production shoots. It’s something I never would have researched otherwise.”

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