Simulated Travel on MARS Volume with Quite Brilliant

Why Virtual Production?

  • Unleash your creative vision and capture final pixel
    in the studio, on the day
  • Perfect your lighting with unparalleled control and realistic reflections
  • Ultimate creative control with maximum flexibility, create physically impossible shots and make green spill a thing of the past
  • Eliminate common logistical issues and shoot
    multiple scenes in one day

Virtual Production provides filmmakers the ability to film whenever you want, wherever you want. Using virtual environments or recorded video plates, you have the freedom to control and make changes to the scene in a matter of minutes. Dramatically reduce time spent in post-production and achieve final image quality live and in-camera.

Why MARS Volume?

  • Hollywood level expertise that specialises in simulated driving scenes
  • Cost effective and time efficient solution for car scenes
  • Handcrafted volume for car work
  • 220 degree LED wall
  • Fully capped LED ceiling for seamless reflections
  • Fully customisable flooring solutions
  • Movable LED wild walls for the ultimate 360 lighting wrap

At MARS Volume, we provide a fully optimised Virtual Production facility and team for shooting car scenes. Our 12,000 sq ft studio provides ample space for parking internally and we operate with extreme confidentiality. Our in-house team has worked on a variety of projects for a range of clients, productions and budgets across advertising, scripted series and feature films.

Creating the Right Content for Your Car Shoot

2D Plate Playback

Pros over conventional shooting
  • Greater creative control, use creative camera movements
  • Composited VFX shots offer realistic lighting elements and reflections, ability to queue actors during sequences
  • Cost savings for production (compared to process trailer/low loader), safer working for crew
  • Easier logistical planning, eliminate need for permissions from local authorities, weather disruptions

Plate playback, or 2D playback, involves stitching video content to create a backplate to use on the LED volume. As it doesn’t involve tracked cameras, it represents a straight forward and well used method for capturing in-camera VFX.

3D Environment Creation

Pros over conventional shooting
  • Set the scene: create bespoke, hyper-realistic or other-worldly, virtual environments
  • Place your actors in the centre of the world they are supposed to be within for the best performance
  • Ultimate flexibility with camera angles and movement. As the camera moves, the scene will respond to ensure the camera is always seeing things in the right perspective

3D involves the creation of scenes and environments through the use of game engine – often Unreal Engine (UE).

‘Break the laws of physics’

“Shooting on the volume gave us the maximum flexibility and the most efficiency. Using an LED volume, floating screens, a turntable and exterior lights, this enabled us to create a very realistic shoot for the cars and vehicles with natural reflections. Virtual Production enabled us to come up with a system that allowed us to do more creative camera moves with vehicles that would otherwise be impossible” –
James Jordan, VFX Producer (Gangs of London, Season 2)

See the Results for Yourself

Rolls Royce – Spectre
Gangs of London
See how this client was able to shoot in a range of virtual environments – creating the perfect setting for the car, campaign and concept, imbibing the modern, elegant and utilitarian aspects of this future focussed vehicle.
This case study shows how our client were able to use ambient lighting and create natural and beautiful reflections, all without post-production intervention, while capturing dramatic and dynamic camera angles and shots.
See how our clients were able to save time and shoot multiple scenes in one day, all from the same studio – all while ensuring confidentiality of crucial scenes – no spoilers!

Bring Your Most Ambitious Driving Scenes to Life, at MARS Volume

Get in touch now to discuss your options as we have begun filling our roster for 2023. There are limited select dates available in December also if you have last minute shoot requirements.