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Gangs of London, Season 2

In 2021, Pulse Films approached MARS Volume for a Virtual Production solution to their driving scenes for the Sky series, Gangs of London, season 2. With an ambition to shoot some of the most creative and compelling driving scenes, Pulse Films agreed Virtual Production offered maximum flexibility and most efficiency for creative output compared to other production techniques.

The driving scenes were shot within a sequence of busy city roads and luscious countryside driving plates with the vehicles lit with LED wild walls and exterior lighting. This enabled scenes with seamless and naturalistic reflections over the vehicles reflective surfaces, and the faces of the actors.
Using the vehicles mounted on a turntable that was paired with the content was a great example of MARS Volume’s technical expertise powering the simulated driving scenes. With this innovation, the crew were able to not only create hyper-realistic scenes but also shoot angles that would otherwise be impossible when compared to traditional techniques such as green screen or location shooting.

As the production also involved a variety of long driving scenes, the ability to avoid any technical, environmental and unforeseen weather-related issues by shooting Virtual Production were additional benefits for the production team. Avoiding the logistics of closing roads, gaining permissions, managing shooting in public spaces was another huge advantage for the team.

Shooting on the volume gave us the maximum flexibility and the most efficiency. Using an LED volume, floating screens, a turntable and exterior lights, this enabled us to create a very realistic shoot for the cars and vehicles with natural reflections. Virtual Production enabled us to come up with a system that allowed us to do more creative camera moves with vehicles that would otherwise be impossible.

James Jordan – VFX Producer

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Gangs of London Driving scene
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Gangs of London BTS Car
Gangs of London behind the scenes
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Pulse Films
MARS Volume
Colin Hardy
Thomas Benski
Jane Featherstone
Tom Butterworth
Corin Hardy
Hugh Warren
Helen Gregory
Stella Nwimo
Bjorn Charpentier
James Jordan
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