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The brand experience agency XYZ approached MARS with an ambitious brief for the launch of two concept car models from TATA Motors, the Avinya, an uncompromising EV; and the CURVV, a modern and dynamic SUV.

Shot across two weeks, MARS Volume provided the virtual production team, LED volume and studio facilities for the filming of the VT’s. Encompassing virtual locations from a futuristic subterranean garage to large expansive salt flats.

MARS Volume provided the perfect solution, allowing for the capture of reflections within the body of the car in camera, minimizing the amount of post production work required.

As my first Virtual Production shoot, this project was a great opportunity to be creative in a whole new space. Working closely with CGI environment designers to design and create a bespoke environment with 4 different looks, the shoot took place at the MARS Volume in London. A great team effort involved to realise this abstract launch film.
Needless to say I loved the experience – VP Rules!

Martin Bennett, Director

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LED Volume and Operation:
1st AD:
Environment Builds:
Art Department:
Set Build:

XYZ, for Tata Motor Cars
Mars Volume
Martin Bennett
Konstantin Freyer
Rawdon de Fresnes
Quite Brilliant and Real Time UK
Dangerous Minds

Client: XYZ, for Tata Motor Cars
LED Volume and Operation: Mars Volume
Director: Martin Bennett
DOP: Konstantin Freyer
1st AD: Rawdon de Fresnes
Environment Builds: Quite Brilliant and Real Time UK
Art Department: Dangerous Minds
Set Build: XYZ

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