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Ellie Goulding

With a stunning xR design by Nocte combining mixed reality, AR and xR set extension, three separate and aesthetically diverse live-performances by Ellie Goulding were shot during only one day in July 2020 – a feat that would not have been possible with traditional film-making.
The videos were hosted on Vevo and coincided with the release of Ellie Goulding’s new Brightest Blue album having over 1.2M viewers within the first month.

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Creative Director:
Video & xR Content:
3D/Notch Designers:
Engineered & Operated by:

Associate Designer:
Vevo Executive Producer:
Vevo Senior Producer:
Line Producer:
Production Coordinator:

1st AD:
1st AC:
2nd AC:
Electrician Trainee:

2nd Camera Operator:
Desk Operator:
Playback Operator:
Jib Op:

Vevo Talent Relations:
Vevo Design:

Assistant Editor:
Musical Director:
Mix Engineer:
Monitor Engineer:

Andrea Cuius (Nocte)
James Medcraft
Nocte Studio, Pulse Films
Nocte Studio
Mike Wilson, Lewis Kyle White
Bild Studios
Notch coupled with the disguise xR suite and camera-tracking by Mo-Sys

Irem Bugdayci
Claudia de Wolff
Nick Calafato
Isabel Davis
Amy Rattray
Millie Rose Wells

Paul McCann
Alex Bender
Alex Collings
Dom Aronin
Charlie Wall, Simon Thorpe
Bill Rae Smith
Oliver Flanigan
Nana Quartey

Ryan Saradjola
Simone Pellegrini
Sophie Baggaley
Matt Owen
Nick Forrester
Charlie Wall
Simon Thorpe

Carl Young
Charlee Twigg

Paul Dimond at My Brother Bob
Ben Boullier
Matt Robertson
Nick Ingram
Laurie Binns

Creative Director: Andrea Cuius (Nocte)
DOP: James Medcraft
Production: Nocte Studio, Pulse Films
Video & xR Content: Nocte Studio
3D/Notch Designers: Mike Wilson, Lewis Kyle White
Engineered & Operated by: Bild Studios
Solution: Notch coupled with the disguise xR suite and camera-tracking by Mo-Sys

Associate Designer: Irem Bugdayci
Vevo Executive Producer: Claudia de Wolff
Vevo Senior Producer: Nick Calafato
Producer: Isabel Davis
Line Producer: Amy Rattray
Production Coordinator: Millie Rose Wells

1st AD: Paul McCann
1st AC: Alex Bender
2nd AC: Alex Collings
Gaffer: Dom Aronin
Grip: Charlie Wall, Simon Thorpe
Electrician: Bill Rae Smith
Electrician Trainee: Oliver Flanigan
Runner: Nana Quartey

Photography: Ryan Saradjola
2nd Camera Operator: Simone Pellegrini
DIT: Sophie Baggaley
Desk Operator: Matt Owen
Playback Operator: Nick Forrester
Grip: Charlie Wall
Jib Op: Simon Thorpe

Vevo Talent Relations: Carl Young
Vevo Design: Charlee Twigg

Colourist: Paul Dimond at My Brother Bob
Assistant Editor: Ben Boullier
Musical Director: Matt Robertson
Mix Engineer: Nick Ingram
Monitor Engineer: Laurie Binns

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