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LeCol x Mclaren

Shot at breakneck speed, in only one day, Bild were tasked with delivering the real-time VFX content, technical engineering and onset management for the campaign shoot of McLaren and Le Col’s new aerodynamic cycling clothing range – Project Aero.

Bild created the real-time environment inside Unreal Engine and mapped the scene onto three LED screens, rendered to the tracked camera’s constantly moving perspective. As a result, a highly controlled visual environment could be created where the talent appears to cycle in an infinitely long light tunnel – a feat simply not possible in the real world.

With the LED screens providing the in-camera visuals as well as the natural lighting and reflections onto the cyclist, the end result is a stunning visual achievement where the need for any compositing in post-production, usually required in a green screen pipeline, was completely eliminated.
With Bild’s real-time VFX specialists working strategically to apply their renowned visual engineering skills (powered by Unreal Engine’s built-in nDisplay system and the Mo-Sys’ Startracker system), the whole production was incredibly delivered within one week from the initial enquiry – and with only one day of actual shooting.

One of the things that I’ve personally found the most interesting[in the last week] is the fact that as a cinematographer, I can explore a virtual world exactly as I would the physical world.

James Medcraft, DOP

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Production Company:
Real-time VFX creation:
Technology Consultants, Control Hardware:
LED supply:

Le Col x McLaren
Jay Brasier-Creagh
James Medcraft
Phil Tidy
Bild Studios
Bild Studios
Leopold Nassens
Jay Brasier-Creagh
Time Based Arts
AT Communications

Client: Le Col x McLaren
Director: Jay Brasier-Creagh
DOP: James Medcraft
Production Company: Squire
Producer: Phil Tidy
Real-time VFX creation: Bild Studios
Technology Consultants, Control Hardware: Bild Studios
Gaffer: Leopold Nassens
Edit: Jay Brasier-Creagh
Grade: Time Based Arts
LED supply: AT Communications

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